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Roger Argueta

Software and Video Game Developer

Studying Integrated Design and Media at New York University—learning at the intersection of art, technology, and design—has meant working with all kinds of digital fields, from motion graphics to creative coding and game development. It's where I've developed my skills in computer programming (JavaScript, Python, Java) and critical thinking, both of which can thrive in the media and entertainment industry. I also minored in creative writing, providing another avenue to express and craft creative ideas as well as integrate them into my computer-based projects.


Throughout my creative workflow, I encounter and re-encounter joy that motivates me to iterate on my work many, many times. I'm a first-generation Salvadorian American who studied alongside incredible individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests. This experience has developed a unique perspective that can bridge with other unique perspectives to achieve innovative technological solutions. It has also nurtured my positive attitude towards working with others, as I believe the best work comes when multiple brilliant souls are all together in collaboration!

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